Elevating Accelerators, Startups & SMEs with Program Management, and Expert Growth Strategies.

Where experience meets innovation. My journey from Tesla's dynamic challenges to nurturing the next wave of entrepreneurs at GreenUP Accelerator and beyond has crafted a unique skill set. I'm here to fuel your business growth, refine your strategies, and perfect your pitch, ensuring your venture stands out in the competitive European landscape.



My extensive experience in highly innovative environments like Tesla, SingularityU Nordic, DTU (Technical University of Denmark) and a number of startup accelerators, equips me with a unique perspective on business growth and innovation.

I understand the challenges and opportunities that businesses face in today's dynamic market and offer consulting and coaching services that are tailored to navigate these complexities successfully.


Startup Ecosystem Excellence

Program Management

I help any organisation create, manage, and enhance startup accelerator programs and incubators. Whether you need assistance improving existing programs or creating new ones from scratch, I am here to guide you every step of the way. With my experience and expertise, I can ensure that your programs are effective and successful in nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Growth Strategy

At Above Average, I offer startup consulting services tailored to the specific needs of startups, scaleups, and SMEs. With a focus on strategy consulting and customer-centric approaches, I help businesses develop effective growth strategies and increase their turnover. With my expertise and guidance, you can take your business to the next level and achieve above-average results.

Pitch Coaching

At Lisbeth Holdt Jørgensen and I empower startups to craft compelling pitches and investor materials, helping you discover your unique voice and boost your stage presence. With us, you'll gain confidence in addressing crowds, create impactful content, use AI to boost your output, develop an inspiring narrative, and master the art of investor negotiations. Visit our site here

Welcome to Startup Advisor Pro*

I have built this GPT based on 25+ years of experience and an extensive collection of tools and frameworks from global accelerator programs; it has been meticulously refined and tested to ensure unparalleled support and guidance for your startup.

This GPT will help you develop your startup's business strategy. It can create tailored value propositions, business models, and go-to-market strategies unique to your startup's needs. Its virtual workshops and industry-specific advice are designed to provide practical, actionable insights, helping you navigate the startup ecosystem with confidence and creativity. It will assist in refining your approach to investor matchmaking, scenario planning, and risk analysis to help you anticipate future challenges and opportunities, enabling you to make informed decisions for your business. 

Push it as hard as you can, and please let me know where it excels and where it bombs! Thanks

* It's a fantastic tool, but it's not me - a human with 25+ years of unique experience. Since I can't reach everyone myself this GPT is a good substitute. If you need help or detailed feedback, I offer a 24-hour turnaround service for your business plan, pitch, or investor deck. Get in touch!


Driving Growth for Startups, Scaleups and SMEs

I started my firm in 2022 to support businesses in achieving exceptional growth. With my extensive experience in Tesla, SingularityU Nordic, GreenUP Accelerator, CSE GoGrow Accelerator, Tech Nordic Advocates "Women in Tech" Accelerator, and more, I bring a unique perspective on growth and innovation. 

My expertise lies in Accelerator and Incubator Program Development, assisting organizations in creating impactful programs to nurture entrepreneurial talent. I also offer comprehensive Pitch Training to help businesses communicate their value propositions effectively and secure funding. With Lisbeth Holdt Jørgensen, we coach people who want to enhance their presentation skills to become more impactful communicators. 

I am well-positioned to serve businesses in the Nordic region and beyond.

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Client Testimonials

Charlene Putney 

"Christian saw our pitch and immediately pinpointed several specific actions we could take to improve it. Re-vamping the whole storyline of the pitch to his feedback gave us a deck that we're now super proud of: it represents us well, feels honest, and is ambitious. We highly recommend him!"

Jesper Sørensen


"I have had the pleasure of having Christian as a StartUp coach. And believe me, he can be tough and demanding, but he is only there to make you better and stronger. You don't get that from too much back patting.

He knows which buttons to push so that you are left stronger and more resilient for the journey that entrepreneurial life offers."

Søren Wistisen


"Christian helped us sharpen our value proposition and urged us to strive for perfection, by challenging us on our strategic view. This not only increased our own understanding but also enabled us to be ultra sharp on investor days and our work with our clients."


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